E-qui-lib-ri-um \ ˌekwəˈlibrē-əm \ Ad-van-tage \ ədˈvan(t)ij — noun

a: a state in which opposing forces are balanced and working harmoniously

b: a state of intellectual or emotional balance

Who We Are

EQ is a business solutions network, comprised of award-winning marketing & advertising talent from across the globe.

We can build a highly-functioning team of designers, connections planners, writers, strategists, planners, or developers for any project, initiative, channel, or platform.

You only engage the talent you need.

Meaning and Substance

If nothing else, 2020 has reminded us that your brand’s story is more crucial than ever. Stories are contagious; they create meaning, offer reassurance, and inspire people to act.

EQ balances creativity with critical thinking to reveal simple human truths to engage people and create demand for your business or brand. 

At Our Core

We craft and curate compelling stories that capture the heart. We build imaginative business solutions that shatter convention and drive forward momentum and growth. 

Our innate curiosity inspires us to explore, imagine and discover, but at the center of every strategy we develop and every piece of content we create lies a human being – a person who purchases with their wallet, but buys from the heart.

Our expertise

Brand and Shopper Marketing

Content and Broadcast Production

Digital, Social, and E-commerce

Shopper-based and Experiential Design (on- and offline)

Data Mining and Analytics

B2C/B2B/B2B2C Strategy and Execution

What We Value

We sweat the little things because they make big things possible. We are a team. We recognize that our colleagues and client partners provide perspectives we need to excel at our craft. So, we don’t work in bubbles or vacuums. Ever.

We win together and sometimes fail, but our character is measured by our grace under pressure and never say never attitude. Lastly, budgets are always finite, so we’re resourceful, inventive, and adaptable – you always get more than expected.