How We Think

Like most, EQ has proprietary strategic frameworks, and third-party resources we call “Intelligence Fuel™” to inform our work. We also enjoy friends with benefits among well-regarded industry leaders including AI Media, Bernstein-Rein, Masters of Chaos, and Boom Ideanet. 

We rely on four main building blocks to create innovative and measurable business solutions: (1) the issue we need to solve and how we measure success, (2) the audience we’re influencing, including behaviors, motivations, cultural context, and pathways to purchase, (3) barriers standing in the way, and (4) the insights we leverage to inspire people to engage. 

We use knowledge and skill to clarify, challenge conventional thinking, fuel innovation, and build breakthrough ideas.

Vision. Value. Meaning.

We live to advance the way brands, companies, and marketers innovate and engage their customers. Still, financial success is typically the way clients measure our contribution to their business. At the end of the day, gains in share, profitability, basket, sales, and household penetration comprise a significant portion of our report card.

While we won’t share our secret sauce here, stories with meaning and substance inspire people to buy, not just once, but over and over again — in essence, stories fuel devotion and trust. Our creative processes illuminate simple human truths we use to make people feel something intrinsic about your brand or business — this is how we ensure financial success. Want to know more?